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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which year did GSP start operations in Bangladesh?

Ans: We started our operations in April 1996.

In which areas of business does GSP offer credit facilities?

Ans: We do not have areas of limitation as to what sort of business we may offer credit facilities to. We are inclined to offer our services to any viable projects in Bangladesh except those restricted by Bangladesh Government.

Does GSP offer loan facility for individual apartment/commercial space?

Ans: We offer such types of loans to corporate entities or individuals with corporate referral.

Rate of Interest?

Ans: We always offer a competitive rate of interest on all credit facilities.

Is it mandatory to provide tangible security for credit facilities?

Ans: Depending on the type of credit being provided and business history with the client, security for credit is negotiable.

Is there any restriction regarding origin of lease equipment?

Ans: We prefer to provide lease facility to equipment that is from a renowned manufacturer with suitable track record & after sales service in Bangladesh.

Does GSP finance on reconditioned machinery?

Ans: Yes we do.

Does GSP arrange large syndicated loans?

Ans: Yes, we have many associated Banks and Financial Institutions with whom we can arrange extensive finance.

Can a new business entity seek credit facilities from GSP?

Ans: Yes, we do provide facilities to new entities as long as they fulfill our criteria.

Which year did GSP started Merchant Banking Operation?

Ans: License was secured in 1999 and full fledged Merchant Banking activities started in 2006.

Does GSP Merchant Bank open portfolio account and what are the criteria?

Ans: Yes, we open non-discretionary portfolio account as per guideline of SEC.

Margin Loan & Commission?

Ans: Margin Loan is allowed as per SEC guideline at a competitive rate.

What is Lease Financing?

Ans: Lease Financing is a contract (Lease Agreement) between two parties where the financier (Lessor) purchases the assets to be leased and then lease it to the individual/institution (Lessee) for a specific period of time in return of specific installments (rental).

Why is lease beneficial?

1. Allows to receive up to 100% financing on all new equipment purchase
2. Provides flexibility in raising fund
3. Enables SMEs and large businesses to manage cash flows more effectively by way of Equated Monthly    Installment (EMI) based payment
4. Facilitates quick adaptation in changing business circumstances
5. Allows businesses to upgrade assets more frequently without making further capital outlay
6. Gives businesses certainty because repayments are generally fixed. However, repayment can be
   structured to include additional benefits such as variable monthly payments depending on business
   need and so on

What are the different types of leases?

There are two types of lease:
1. Finance Lease
2. Operating Lease